Bilbergia Hybrids


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2” pot. Bilbergias are epiphytic bromeliads native to South America and the Caribbean. When mature and exposed to sufficient light, they develop beautiful, colorful markings on the leaves in shades of red, yellow, white, and purple and will bloom with bright colored flowers. The plants we have for sale are maturing seedlings that are just starting to develop some of their coloration. When mature, they can grow in a 4-6” pot or  mounted, and will eventually produce pups to form a clump. They can be grown outside in climates that do not go below freezing for significant periods of time. The hybrids we have are Casa Blanca (silver spots, magenta/blue flowers), Hallelujah (maroon with some white spots, green flowers), and Tang Ee (red with some white spots, red/blue flowers). If you have a preference, indicate it in the comments at checkout and we will try to accommodate your request. Otherwise, we will choose the best plant.

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