Payment issues persist for some customers

Occasionally a customer still gets a cancellation or “time-out” notice when using the PayPal checkout app. When this happens, the options are to use the Stripe payment app, pay by phone, or have us send a PayPal invoice. This is an ongoing bug in the Woocommerce system, and the geeks are supposedly working on fixing it.

When payments fail to go through, items do not get subtracted from the inventory. Because we ship orders in the sequence received even when payment is problematic due to no fault of the customer, items and may end up being out of stock for subsequent orders even when they are listed as being in stock. If this happens, we will contact you to arrange for a substitution or refund. Many items, especially rare species that we grow from flask, are in short supply, sell out quickly, and are not possible to restock. We apologize for items occasionally being sold out, but hope that the payments and inventory system will soon work as intended.

Welcome to the new Olympic Orchids website!

After more than a decade of using the old, clunky website, it’s time for a major upgrade. The new platform will provide a more modern look, a lot more efficient functionality, and some nice new features for our customers. Some of these features are secure checkout, electronic gift certificates that function seamlessly, a customer rewards program so that you can earn “Orchid Bucks” on all your orders. They are cumulative, so you can let them add up or spend them for a discount on each subsequent order.

I’ve been working on this website for quite a while now, and it seems ready to go live, but as with any new software package, there are bound to be some bugs. For that reason we will be offering a 10% discount on all orders placed over the next month using code NEWSTART. If you have problems with anything, or just want to make helpful suggestions, please let us know. Your feedback will help improve the website.