Drosera rotundifolia


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This tiny, cute carnivorous plant, the round-leaf sundew, is native to bogs in temperate regions. Its thin leaves are edged with “tentacles” that secrete a sticky liquid that traps insects. The plants flower several times a year in spring through fall, with tall stalks of pretty pink flowers. They are bog plants, so do best planted in sphagnum moss with the pot sitting in a tray of water. We grow ours in full sun.  This species is cold-hardy, going dormant in winter but coming back in the spring. Our plants have lived outdoors in temperatures as low as 16 degrees F for a short time. Sundews are great for insect control, although the round leaves aren’t as effective in catching fungus gnats as those of Drosera  capensis, so you would mostly grow it as a curiosity. Our mature plants have produced many seedlings, that are now well on their way to maturity and have bloomed or will likely bloom this year. These are great additions to an orchid collection. There may be several small plants per pot.

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