Rlc (Chunyeah x Hans Kunning) x (Lc Angel Heart x C Mary Ellen Carter)


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2” Quite the mash-up of standard cattleya hybrids! Chunyeah blooms with yellow to orange flowers with a frilly red lip with yellow “eyes. Hans Kunning is, itself, a cross between the classics Willette Wong and Toshie Aoki, so some version of yellow with red flares and lip. Lc Angel Heart is light pink with a little triangle of darker pink at the tip of the lip. Cattleya Mary Ellen Carter is yellow with light orange borders or picotee around he petals and a dark red lip with gold striping in the throat. How this cross will turn out is a mystery. The only thang that can be said for sure is that the flowers will be big and fragrant. Young seedlings.

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