Phalaenopsis parishii

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Mounted on cork slab. Super-cute miniature phalaenopsis species from the Himalayas and other parts of southeast Asia. Blooms in spring with several fragrant white flowers with large, heart-shaped reddish, brownish or purplish lips. Listed as hot to warm growing, but is tolerant of fairly cold temperatures. During prolonged periods of cold or excessive heat and drought, the plant may lose its leaves, but grow them back when conditions improve. If the roots are alive, the plant is alive.  Likes indirect light and moisture, but benefits from a relatively cool, dry winter rest. Mid-size seedlings may be close to blooming size.

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1 review for Phalaenopsis parishii

  1. Swetha Chakravarthy (verified owner)

    got a well packaged and healthy seedling mounted on a cork slab. Now it’s growing a new leaf recently.

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