Howeara Lava Burst ‘Pacific Sunrise’

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2” pot. Howeara is an intergeneric hybrid of Rodriguezia, Oncidium, and Leochilus. The plants stay quite small, near mini-size, and bloom with good-sized spikes of colorful flowers with a broad lip and some spotting. This variety has colors in the red, orange and yellow range. Very easy plant to grow potted on a windowsill, it also does well mounted. The plants we have for sale are blooming size. [Photo courtesy of The Orchid Works]

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3 reviews for Howeara Lava Burst ‘Pacific Sunrise’

  1. michael.mccarthy1974 (verified owner)

    Received a BS size plant (had a spent flower spike) with 2 new growths, very nice root system. Very happy.

  2. LISA M RUSSELL (verified owner)

    I received a very healthy large orchid that was flowering! Since then it has flowered again with a spike that has been in bloom for months and a new growth that is maturing now! Very impressed! Fast shipping and very well packaged, thank you!

  3. b.a.designed (verified owner)

    I was soooooo skeptical when I was thinking about ordering flowers online. I looked at so many different websites, finally decided on Olympic Orchids. I ordered Friday 8/24/18, and I recieved my order 8/29!! Shipping was so quick! The lava orchid I received is doing well and still little(since I just got it)! Would totally order again!

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