Chz Hsinying Pink Doll x Rungnapha Fancy ‘Warm Welcome’

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2” pot. Hsinying Pink Doll blooms with clusters of hot pink flowers with red lips. Runganapha Fancy blooms with large, frilly yellow flowers with unusual dark red markings on the central parts of the petals and a dark red edge around the lip. The appearance of the offspring is anyone’s guess, but they should be fun to see bloom. Young seedlings.

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1 review for Chz Hsinying Pink Doll x Rungnapha Fancy ‘Warm Welcome’

  1. Jonathan Camacho (verified owner)

    Not satisfied that with the one I got , it was the last one , but I guess something happened to it n they had to cut of a section of the leave cuz it probably got sick or something
    Wish we could attach photos
    N making all reviews super honest !

    • admin

      There was probably a sunburned spot on the leaf because a few plants did get sunburned this spring during the first strong sunny days. The person who packs the orders always grooms the plants to correct any cosmetic defects that do not affect the health of the plants (e.g., old leaves, sunburn or scarred or torn areas on the leaves. Many people are alarmed by the appearance of sunburn, thinking it is a disease. We assumed you would want the last plant even if it was “imperfect”.

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