Latest Update on Shipping

We are pretty much able to keep up with shipping now that cold weather is over. We typically ship on Saturday to arrive on Monday or Tuesday , Monday to arrive on Wednesday or Thursday, and Tuesday to arrive on Thursday or Friday. Shipping is by USPS Priority Mail because that is the most economical way to have plants reach their destination in 1-3 days. Ground shipping by other carriers is about the same price, but the transit time is significantly longer and plants may spend a long time in a truck that is excessively cold or hot. When your plants ship, you will receive an e-mail with a “completed” notice and a separate notice from with your tracking number. All packages are tracked. The message with the tracking number may take up to 24 hours to reach you and it may, occasionally, go to your junk mail. Our shipping system is not perfect, but it works well. on the whole.

We are growers, not florists!

Please be aware that if you want to send flowers as a gift, decorate tables at your wedding, stage your house for sale, etc.,  we are not your source. Most of our plants are seedlings in various stages of development. Some are at or near blooming size but others, notably cattleya seedlings and some  species, are several years from blooming size. We show flower photos, when we have them, so that you will know more or less what to expect when your plant does bloom. When we have divisions of mature plants, these are generally shipped at a time when they are not blooming.

Our goal is to provide a variety of orchid plants at reasonable prices to people who enjoy growing them and watching them develop and bloom. If you want instant gratification, there are always the box stores.