Stanhopea jenischiana x inodora

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2” pot. Primary hybrid between two medium-sized Central and South American species. S jenischiana blooms in summer with pendant spikes of wonderfully fragrant yellow flowers with dark red spots. S inodora also blooms in summer with pendant spikes of light yellow flowers sparsely spotted with tiny red dots. The photo shows S jenischiana, but the flowers of this cross should be lighter in color. Despite its name, the flowers of inodora are fragrant. Stanhopea flower spikes grow downward, so they are best grown mounted or in a hanging basket once they reach blooming size. For best blooming, give it a dry winter rest. Young seedlings.

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1 review for Stanhopea jenischiana x inodora

  1. Finnegan Hopper (verified owner)

    Stanhopea is a dream genus of mine, so I was very excited when I received a very healthy plant. Lots of new growth, and fabulous dark green leaves. Excited to see this one get bigger and hopefully bloom!

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