Rodrumnia Helmut Rohrl

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Mounted on cork plaque. This miniature intergeneric is a cross between Rodriguezia and Tolumnia. The plants are cute, with fans of short, fleshy leaves. They bloom at just about any time of year with sprays of multiple colorful flowers. This variety will have lightly to heavily spotted flowers in the red-to-yellow range, similar to the Tolumnia hybrid pictured, but quite variable in pattern and color. Blooming size plants.

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2 reviews for Rodrumnia Helmut Rohrl

  1. soonyoung102 (verified owner)

    Great plant that’s mounted well. The single fan I got is in good shape, and well taken care of.

  2. mwmranch (verified owner)

    Arrived very well packed and fast shipping. I gave it a drink and now she’s happy. Thanks!

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