Cattleya Motte Spot ‘Paradise’ x Rlc Hilo Grand ‘Yuki’

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2.5” pot. C Motte Spot is a very nice hybrid with flowers somewhat similar to those of Cattleya aclandiae, but on a larger, taller plant. The flowers seem to vary from greenish to light pink, but always with dense purple spots and a hot pink lip. We’re not sure what Rlc Hilo Grand looks like, but this cross should be an interesting experiment. The plants we have are already quite good-sized, probably just a year or two from blooming.

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Dimensions 3 × 3 × 7 in

2 reviews for Cattleya Motte Spot ‘Paradise’ x Rlc Hilo Grand ‘Yuki’

  1. E

    I was hesitant to pay more than $5 for my first “seedling” but the plant I received was gorgeous. Amazing root system, all healthy structures, and giant (relative to size of the plant) new growth just maturing. I would have gladly paid twice as much for the plant if I had seen it first. Great customer service, also.


    A very healthy large cattleya seedling! I will not have long to wait for blooms on this one! Such a great price! I asked to have this orchid added to my order and they were so helpful in accommodating me, a great company to do buisness with!

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