Oncidium Twinkle

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2” pot. Cute little plant produces masses of tiny red, pink, cream, or yellow flowers that have a fragrance like vanilla and cherry. Easy to grow miniature oncidium hybrid (Oncidium cheirophorum x Oncidium ornithorhynchum) is just the thing if you’re short on space. We currently have only one clone,  ‘Yellow Bird’ which should bloom bright yellow with orange-gold at the center. These plants should be at or near blooming size. The photo (courtesy of the Orchid Works), shows the ‘Fantasy’ clone, which is cream rather than yellow, so imagine these flowers, but  bright yellow.

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Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 7 in

'Fantasy' (cream-yellow), 'Pink Profusion' (red), 'Yellow Bird' (bright yellow)

5 reviews for Oncidium Twinkle

  1. soonyoung102 (verified owner)

    Great little miniature orchid. The plant I received had multiple bulbs and very well established. Amazing for the price!

  2. b.a.designed (verified owner)

    I received my orchid 5 days after ordering(over a weekend). It was packed so nicely in newspaper and a wet paper towel to keep it moist! My little twinkle has 6 bulbs on it and Olympic Orchids included care instructions for it, which I greatly appreciate!

  3. Yongming Jin (verified owner)

    The packing is very good. The problem is the size. It does not look like a blooming size plant as listed on the website. it is just a seedling.

  4. E (verified owner)

    My twinkle had 4 plump pseudobulbs and a new growth on the way. About 4-5 inches tall and the largest growth has a spike coming! They bloom at such a tiny size!

  5. Rocky (verified owner)

    Ordered both Yellow and red Twinkles.
    ~The red (pink profusion) is dainty compared to the yellow but has 4 bulbs and and it looks like 1 tiny new grow.
    ~The Yellow has 3 larger bulbs 1 small and 2 good sized new growths!
    Both were packed Beautifully and Seller was Extremely patient with this first time Buyer! I have to say the Twinkles are my favorite part of the order for sure!!

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