Now that the holiday rush is over and temperatures are warmer (at least for now!), we are trying to ship out orders that have been on hold for a very long time. We are working through in the sequence in which the orders were placed. You should receive a “completed” e-mail notice and a separate e-mail notice with the tracking number when your order ships.

Over the past few weeks we have experienced some very cold weather, with record low temperatures. Most of our plants are fine, but a few have been damaged by the cold. If a plant that you ordered is not in good shape, we will mark it “out of stock” and issue a refund. I apologize if something you ordered is not available, but we are not used to, or equipped for, temperatures in the teens, so when this happens, even if only for a short time, there may be some cold damage. Thank you for understanding, and or your patience as we catch up on shipping.

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