Winter shipping of plants is always challenging, but we are doing our best to get your orders to you safely. We have a backlog of orders from late 2023, many of which have been waiting for a window of weather that is warm enough to ship with a heat pack. If you are on the west side of the mountains on the West Coast, your order is likely to be shipped in a timely way. If you are anywhere else, shipping depends not only on temperatures in your zip code, it also depends on temperatures in possible transit hubs (e.g., Chicago, Denver, Salt Lake City, etc). This means that even if you are in Florida, shipping may be delayed. Years ago we learned to be cautious after a few Florida orders froze somewhere in transit.

We always check the 10-day forecast before shipping to make sure predicted temperatures along the route are in a safe range and do not ship if any predicted lows are below 26 degrees F, the temperature at which a heat pack becomes ineffective. Please be patient. We want your plants to arrive in a healthy condition.

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