Update on Winter Shipping

It turns out that all heat packs from all sources are sold out “due to Covid”. I’m not sure what the relationship is, but that’s what the suppliers say. We have one case of heat packs on hand, and will keep shipping until they run out. We can probably ship to many West Coast locations without a heat pack, but not at high elevations or east of the Rockies. We are on the waiting list for heat packs from one supplier, so I hope they will be available by next month and we won’t have any gap in shipping. I’m looking forward to spring!

Here’s the info on winter shipping policies:

  • We do not ship if low temperatures in the 10-day forecast are predicted to be below 26 degrees F at the destination or en route.
  • We automatically ship with a 72-hour heat pack if 10-day low temperatures are predicted to be in the mid 30s F or lower at the destination or en route. If you have ordered cold-sensitive plants (e.g., Phalaenopsis), we may decide to include a heat pack at higher temperatures.
  • If you are worried about plants delivered to an outdoor location, you can request that your package be held at your local post office for pick-up. You can e-mail or write this in the comments section of your order. 
  • If you are located anywhere in the Midwest or East Coast, chances are that your plants will be routed through Chicago or Denver, where temperatures may be very cold even if our weather and your weather is warm. We will hold plants if any potential transit points are too cold.

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