Winter Shipping Continues

We are shipping as weather permits. We have a big backlog of orders, which we are filling in the sequence they were placed, so there may be some delays. Before we ship, we always check the 10-day forecast for your zip code and possible points of transit (Chicago or Denver for the East Coast). If predicted low temperatures are below 26 degrees F, we will hold your shipment until temperatures warm up. When we ship this time of year, we always include a 72-hour heat pack at no extra charge.

Many orders are on hold due to weather conditions here and/or at the destination. We just had a major snow storm, so all shipping was delayed because of that. We ship orders in the chronological sequence received, so if an old order on hold suddenly becomes shippable due to a window of warmer weather, that takes precedence over newer orders. A plant may occasionally be out of stock due to phone orders not being automatically deducted from inventory, or customers adding plants to an order being held. If that is the case, we will contact you to ask about substitutions or a refund. Out-of-stock plants create a domino effect as customers substitute in-stock plants for the missing one(s). We try to subtract the substitutions from the listed inventory, but some may be overlooked. We apologize if you have ordered something that is out of stock.

We are gradually updating the website, so keep watching for new plants to be listed. Some, like the jewel orchids, sell out quickly.

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