Now that it is October and the fall show is over, it is time to start thinking about preparations for cooler or colder weather. If you live in a place where temperatures are very cold during the winter, it is advisable to order plants early, before your nighttime temperatures go below freezing. With the USPS slowdowns, even on priority mail, there is a danger that plants could freeze even with a heat pack if transit times are greater than 72 hours and/or if plants are left out in extremely cold temperatures while in transit. All customers on the East Coast will also be subject to these weather issues because your package may be routed through Chicago or another hub that experiences subfreezing temperatures for much of the winter.

Because of the holiday rush, we do not ship at all between Thanksgiving and New Years, so if you want your plants to arrive this year, it’s good to get your orders in by the first or second week of November. After January 1, we resume shipping as weather permits.