About Winter Shipping

Here’s the info on winter shipping policies:

  • We do not ship if low temperatures in the 10-day forecast are predicted to be below 26 degrees F at the destination or en route.
  • We automatically ship with a 72-hour heat pack if 10-day low temperatures are predicted to be in the mid 30s F or lower at the destination or en route. If you have ordered cold-sensitive plants (e.g., Phalaenopsis), we may decide to include a heat pack at higher temperatures.
  • If your temperatures are above the ranges given and you think you need a heat pack, you can order one for $2.50.  
  • If you are worried about plants delivered to an outdoor location, you can request that your package be held at your local post office for pick-up. You can e-mail or write this in the comments section of your order. 
  • We do not ship at all between Thanksgiving and New Years because of potential delays.