We will not be shipping plants during the holiday shopping rush between Thanksgiving and New Years. This is because a heat pack is only active for 3 days and long delays in transit could result in plants freezing. During this time we can still ship to points on the West Coast, temperatures permitting, but not to high elevations or anywhere east of the Cascades.

Delays in shipping are now the norm with USPS, so starting in January, we will be exercising extreme caution in shipping. We will only ship if temperatures at the destination are predicted ted to be above freezing for the entire 10-day forecast, and only if temperatures at possible transit points are predicted to be above 26 degrees F for the three days that a heat pack is effective. It might seem strange, but plants shipped from Seattle to Florida can freeze in transit if they are routed through Chicago, Denver, or some other hub with extremely cold weather.

If you live an a very cold climate, it is probably advisable to wait until spring to order because your plants won’t ship until spring anyway. We list new plants all the time, so if you can control your FOMO, who knows what treasures will appear when the snow melts in your state!